60 Second Yoga and Qigong


  1. Arms begin above your head, palms pressed together, your eyes looking upwards.
  2. Now reach your arms even higher, your shoulders lifting even further out of their sockets.
  3. Notice your spine lengthening. Experience the space between your ribs expanding. Feel your waist thinning.


  1. Keeping your palms pressed together, bend your arms at the elbows so your pressed hands fall behind your back, your head softly tucked in and facing down.
  2. Your eyes are now gazing at the ground.
  3. Feel the gentle stretch in the back of your neck, never straining or forcing a stretch.


  1. Alternate smoothly between your fingers facing skyward above your head, to bending your elbows so your hands fall behind your back.
  2. Your eyes gaze upwards when your hands are high, and downward when your fingers are behind your head.
  3. Inhale as arms rise, exhale as they fall.
  4. Repeat each full position 9 times.


  • releases tightness and stiff joints in neck and shoulders
  • increases oxygen to brain, enhancing clarity, focus and concentration
  • corrects posture
  • wrist and forearm stretched

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