Taylore Daniel B.A. has traveled solo through  35+ countries on five continents, taught E.S.L. abroad, and is the author of "Mediterranean Moons: A Three-Continent Quest," about her journey around the Mediterranean. An experienced workshop leader, public speaker, teacher and tour guide, she currently sits on the board of directors of the B.C. Association of Travel Writers.

Her latest books, "The Lazy Woman's (and Man's) Guide to Yoga" were written for those who want the benefits of yoga without the inconvenience of mats, special clothing or a studio class. As a certified yoga teacher, she teaches yoga and uses her easy-to-follow yoga system to stay limber on the road.

Her forthcoming book is the "Vancouver Insider's Guide: 12 Local Self-Guided Tours."

In her spare time, Taylore paints expressionistic watercolors inspired by Vancouver's temperate rain forests.

Article: "Hemingway's Haunts in Havana" by Taylore Daniel -http://www.travelthruhistory.com/html/art107.html

"The Lazy Woman's (and Man's) Guide to Yoga" available at Amazon

Yoga interview with the North Vancouver Caregivers Society on October 30, 2017:  https://northvancaregivers.wordpress.com/

Art Page on Facebook: Tayloreart page


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