Taylore Daniel is the author of the upcoming book, "60 Second Yoga and Qigong: Simple Sets for any Situation." She is a graduate of Yoga West, and is a certified yoga teacher and BCRPA Fitness Instructor with over ten years of experience. With a background in martial arts, she is currently in training as a professionally certified qigong teacher. Taylore teaches yoga and qigong classes and is an experienced workshop leader and public speaker, giving both lectures and demonstrations on the fusion of yoga and qigong.

A graduate of the University of British Columbia's Fine Arts program, Taylore is also a traveler with over thirty countries under her belt, a background teaching English as a foreign language abroad, and a book detailing her solo travels around the Mediterranean, called "Mediterranean Moons: A Three-Continent Quest."

Article: "Hemingway's Haunts in Havana" -http://www.travelthruhistory.com/html/art107.html

"The Lazy Woman's (and Man's) Guide to Yoga" available at Amazon



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"The Lazy Woman's Guide to Yoga" is a deceptively simple method that is beautifully illustrated and makes yoga accessible for everyone, regardless of age or level. Bobbie Seale, Yoga Therapist and owner/founder of Yogability Vancouver

This book teaches readers that yoga can be practiced anytime and any place. Very simple, down to earth approach to yoga. Kasandra Earl, Yoga Teacher

Great book for stressful lives. Devrah Laval, author of "Leap to Freedom"

Very clear and animated delivery. Very engaging. Frank, DTM

Taylore has a breezy style and a good level of connection.  Jamie MacDonald, Maximum Impact Training

A most competent and capable teacher with a gift for inventiveness... demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism. Rob Jensky, Language Link

A bright, enthusiastic and positive mentor. Teresa Milden, Vancouver School Board

In her position as a trainer, Taylore exhibited the utmost professionalism and was liked and respected. Dave Jones, Discovery Training

[Taylore] has provided knowledge, networking opportunities and been a role model for our students. Steve Cardwell, Vancouver School Board

Ms. Daniel proved to be a very capable, creative and confident teacher who had an excellent rapport with her students. Laurie Barlow, Inlingua





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