Vancouver – A Great Cafe for a Crisp Autumn Day

Nothing’s better than a warm café on a crisp autumn day, and Platform 7 Coffee goes above and beyond the ordinary to offer your taste buds something special.

As soon as you step inside the doors, you’re struck by the décor, which looks like the inside of a train station. And in fact, it was modeled after a Belle Epoche Parisian train station. It’s fabulously whimsical, what with the metal girders arched across the ceiling, picturesque murals of the countryside, and a plethora of coffee-making paraphernalia strewn about.

From the outside, it’s equally pleasing, with a village shop look and outdoor tables. Sharing the building with the well-known Tanglewoods bookstore next door is an extra bonus.

Beyond the superb location and railway décor is Platform 7’s unique “Taster Flight,” where you choose three different single-origin beans, and they use the classic hario (pour-over) method for your three taster cups of coffee… a destination-cafe for any good coffee aficionado.

Location: 2300 Broadway (at Vine)


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