Travel Yoga

Similar to the “FLYING” move of yesterday’s post, but quieter, today’s move is called “GLIDING.”

Birds with large wingspans glide elegantly through the sky, their wings making tiny adjustments and corrections to deal with airflow patterns. Likewise, we can hold out arms out to the side and experience this same amazing sensation.

In this gliding pose, put your arms out to the sides horizontally (parallel to the ground) and hold. This is even more challenging than raising and lowering your arms slowly. It won’t take long to feel the burn of your muscles firing up, and you’ll be surprised at how much of a workout this seemingly effortless pose can be.

OPTION: Glide with your arms held up in a V shape.

OPTION: When in public, glide with your arms down and closer to your sides, like an inverted V. While this might seem too easy to be useful, holding this pose for any length of time will activate a number of arm muscles. Gravity works just as well as a resistance band.

OPTION: Move your arms up and down within a two or three inch range anywhere within the flying spectrum. This is a surprisingly challenging variation, as it is easier to swing our arms up and down fully than to move them within a small range, especially if it involves hovering them around
the horizontal line. If your range of motion is limited, this will be a perfect fit.

OPTION: Keep your hands and wrists rigid as your arms move up and down. Or aim to capture the grace of a ballerina, whose arms flow like the branches of a willow tree. Experiment.

NOTE: If you feel any discomfort or pinching sensations, reduce the range of motion and keep the range closer to your body (instead of on a horizontal line). Also, slow the movement down so you can control it. Or you can simply close your eyes and imagine doing the movement. Where attention goes, energy flows.


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