May Art Show in Kitsilano

Poster for May Art Show at Aphrodite's Cafe in Vancouver with artist Taylore Daniel.

About the Vancouver Sea to Sky Art Collection

Welcome friends!

I’m excited to tell you about my upcoming art show this May in Kitsilano, as I have a deep connection to the theme, which is Vancouver seascapes.

When I look out at Vancouver’s English Bay, I feel a sense of natural wonder and the view makes me feel there’s some kind of grand design or divine order to things.

With the salt air and the sound of seagulls and waves, the experience can verge on the transcendent. It’s these feelings I’ve tried to express in this collection of paintings celebrating what I love best about my home city, which at the heart of it, is the sea to sky view of English Bay.

About me as an artist

The view of English Bay is the motif I’ve been compelled by since I first stepped foot on English Bay Beach when I moved to Vancouver from Edmonton as a teenager. The view of the ocean is infinitely compelling, and even when the cityscape of Vancouver changes, the seascape around English Bay remains the same.

While living in Kitsilano, I cycled daily along Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks up to UBC, where I earned my Fine Arts degree. The past few years, I worked in Vancouver as a local tourguide, which I just loved because I spent every day going to fabulous local haunts and sharing great stories about Vancouver. In fact, if you scroll down to my other posts, you’ll find many of these stories and some great photos of Vancouver as well.

With no tourists the past while, I’ve had a chance to slow down and return to my first love – oil painting. Ah, how I’ve missed the smell of linseed oil in the morning. And now with the weather turning nicer, I can take my paints and brushes down to the beach and paint en plein air – my favorite way to paint.

Anyway, I’m really grateful you’ve dropped by my website to meet me. Let me know if you have any questions or anything, as I’d love to hear from you and connect.

My “Vancouver Sea to Sky” art show will be at Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe in Kitsilano all of May. If you’d like to meet up there, let me know, and I’ll come down to say hello (my email address is in the poster at the top of this post.)

Cheers, Taylore

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