Yoga for Writers

Introducing a remarkable way to improve your health with innovative yoga moves that can be done sitting at your computer or standing behind your desk. No mats, floorwork, or special clothing required.

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Wonder how to stay fit while writing full time?

In Yoga for Writers, you will discover how to:

  • Refresh tired eyes
  • Sharpen your concentration
  • Keep hands and wrists supple
  • Loosen up shoulders
  • Improve your posture
  • Energize your body
  • And boost your creativity

With an easy step-by-step method, you’ll now be able to weave micro-breaks into your writing life effortlessly. Guaranteed to increase your productivity and those amazing moments of being “in the flow”.

Includes over 30 easy-to-follow illustrations!

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A fabulous book and so useful … I love yoga but find it hard to get up and down off the mats so this is perfect for me.” I think this book will be a big benefit for people like me who are at the computer long hours nearly every day.

Ruth Kozak, Publisher/Editor of ezine & President of the B.C. Association of Travel Writers


A deceptively simple method that is beautifully illustrated and makes yoga accessible for everyone.”

Bobbie Seale-Cobiskey, Yoga Therapist and Founder of Yogability Vancouver


Thanks to this yoga guide, I’m taking short yoga breaks everywhere, especially writing on the computer. Great book for stressful lives.”

Devrah Laval, Author of “Leap to Freedom”


Very simple, down-to-earth approach to yoga…. Most importantly, yoga pants, a yoga mat and a background in gymnastics are not required.”

Kasandra Earl, Yoga Teacher


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